Definition of Christian Counselling

That activity which seeks to help people towards constructive change and growth in any or every aspect of their lives through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries, carried out by a counsellor who has a Christian worldview.

A. M. Nicholi defines worldview as follows:

“It influences how we perceive ourselves, how we relate to others, how we adjust to adversity, andwhat we understand to be our purpose. Our worldview helps determine our values, our ethics, and our capacity for happiness. It helps us understand where we come from, our heritage; who we are, our identity; why we exist on this planet, our purpose; what drives us, our motivation; and where we are going, our destiny. For the [Christian], then, a worldview is far more than agreeing with others on basic theological doctrines. It is a set of overarching assumptions one holds about the sense of self, how the world works, one’s place in the world, what is important, what is to be valued, and what is to be devalued. These presuppositions explain the relationship between things and include elements of philosophy and theology (Orr, 1902). They also describe the meaning of life and our role in society. In addition, a worldview attempts to bring cohesiveness to one’s thoughts, experiences, and emotions and is therefore unique to the individual (Heidegger, 1982).”


The first ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors) was founded in 1992 in the UK with the aim of improving both training standards and the practice of Christian counsellors and pastors. Since then, ACC umbrella associations have been founded in many European countries. These umbrella organisations are all independent of each other and are based on national needs and circumstances.

However, they meet on an international level to learn from each other, to support each other, to promote new ACC foundations and to carry out projects that serve the common interest of ACC Europe.

Statement of Faith

ACC Europe affirms the central truths of the Christian faith as expressed in the Bible and historic creeds. God is one and this unity is revealed to man as Father, Son and HolySpirit. The ACC recognises this and specifically the Lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture in all areas of belief and practice.

The Association acknowledges that there are different emphases within the various Christian counselling traditions and recognises that some Christian approaches aremore at ease than others in drawing on insights from secular theory and practice.